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Oasis Bottles

Go ahead, venture out.

Keeps cold drinks cold & hot drinks hot, all day long.

Want to enjoy your beverage in the sweltering heat of summer and the freezing depths of winter? So do we. That’s why we created Oasis Bottles. We understand the intense heat of summer at the beach and the extreme cold on ski trips in the mountains. Whether it's an ice cold beverage at the beach or hot chocolate by the camp fire, Oasis Bottles will keep you satisfied.

Versatile & practical.

A stylish design that easily goes from the gym to the boardroom.

Your Oasis Bottle will keep you hydrated during any activity.

Oasis Bottles
Oasis Bottles

Keeps your beverages icy cold or nice and hot all day long.

1. Hot or cold beverage

2. Inner wall

Temperature of the beverage inside

3. Vacuum seal

Prevents transfer of temperature from liquid inside to outer wall

4. Outer wall

Comfortable temperature with no condensation

Oasis Bottles

Leak proof straw lid.

Fits most other bottles too!

Oasis Bottles